Legend of the ZERO
Pt 4 Farewell to a Friend and an Enemy

Duo>>Woah look at `em go! With a slice of his blade Epyon chopped off the outer edge of Zero's Shoulder armor. With little time to react Zero brings out his Buster Rifle and blasts Epyon's left arm. Zero thinks he just blew off Epyon's arm when he remembers that he had already cut off Epyon's arm inside Block A of the Libra. Epyon and Zero were fighting faster and harder than ever before. Zero was acting as though it was a real person and gave Epyon such a punch that it's eyes went out and Epyon stopped moving. Quatre>> Is it over? Heero>> Not if I know Zechs if I didn't defeat him then Zero with a mind certainly won't be able to. Suddenly without warning Zechs charged at Zero and ran his beam saber straight through his lower right leg. Zero enraged at the fact that he didn't defeat the Epyon swung his leg backwards and tearing his own run through leg a little more kicked the Epyon on the side of the head. Due to the force of the blow Epyon's ear/head exhaust piece was smashed and bent in against his head. Heero and the others wondered how Zero was able to come alive in the first place.
Then without warning all the Dolls stopped fighting and just hovered there around the Gundams then Zero began to play edited clips of when Quatre first used Zero and what his intentions were. He also showed that he meant no harm to the civilians living in the colonies and showed then what his true intentions were they were a combination of Quatre's and Wufei's. Zero meant to destroy all of the outer space colonies along with anyone who wanted to fight in space. Zero then just to be sure that Epyon was destroyed or at least permanently off-line turned around to check. To Zero's great surprise Epyon was not there then he realized Epyon was charging from behind and Zero drew his Buster Rifle, but before he was able to fire Epyon sliced of the tips of the gun and it exploded blowing both Zero and Epyon away. Zero then drew his beam saber and charged at Epyon. Epyon did the same and this time when they hit neither was hit only their beam sabers hit and started to discharge energy. Epyon with gigantic force lunged at Zero and stabbed his beam saber right through a little left of Zero's spy eye. Zero acting as though he a person backed away and pulled at Epyon's beam saber in his chest making as though he was in pain. Fortunately it was stuck and Zero was unable to leave
Zero then took out his beam saber out and ran it right through Epyon's spy eye then without warning Zechs tried to self detonate. He was unable to, but Wufei using Nataku's twin beam lance threw it at Epyon's beam saber power generator. He hit it dead on they all watched as it started to over load, and it put so much power into Zero's chest that Zero looked as though he was in an electric chair. Then exploded taking Epyon with him. Then all the Mobile Dolls began to explode and the Gundams had to go full speed to escape the exploding Dolls. The 4 remaining Gundams made it out of there safely but just when they thought the worst was over The colony started to explode Duo>> Oh no!, We gotta get out of here before the colony fully detonates!!! Heero>> I'm leaving now Duo I can't go any faster!
Heero threw the ship in reverse and speeded away from the exploding colony. Trowa>> Well that's over for now. Wufei>>Yeah but is Zechs really gone for good? Quatre>>I doubt it but with and explosion like that he must be. Duo>>I dunno if Zechs survived the explosion of Libra's Block A core and it's explosion from wing Zero I really don't think he's dead. Heero>>Not if I know Zechs he was pretty beat up, but there's still the chance he's alive
Is the Epyon really destroyed? Is Zechs finally gone? Find out in the first episode of Endless Waltz End.