Legend of the ZERO
 Pt 2 Zero Uncovered

Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei were on their way to where Zero was last located the colony SCL-0001, the newest colony in outer space. Quatre a little stressed>>But why would Zero do something like this!? Heero>>I don't know Quatre but our first priority is to find and capture the person responsible for this. Duo>>The real question is who could have gotten through our security? And triggered the power outage and make it all the way back up to Zero and escape in time before we got back? Wufei>>Right, but our first objective is to this person must be caught and brought… Heero interrupting>>We're here. Trowa>> No way!
Duo jumping up to getting a better look spilled his second cup of coffee on his leg>>Aw man I am really gonna need more coffee than this. Woah, hey Heero are you sure we're in the right spot `cause I swear if I didn't know better I'd say there was never a colony here in the first place. Trowa>> This is the right place alright. Duo suddenly noticing that Heero was paying no attention to where they were, but instead was looking a the ships scanner. Duo>>Hey Heero what are doing did you even look around here… Heero interrupting once again>> Yes Duo I did see what happened here. Duo>>Don't you even care then?? Heero>> Yes Duo I do care that's why I'm scanning for Gundanium.
All turn to stare at Heero and then at the monitor trying to see if they could see what Heero was looking for. Suddenly the scanner picked up something Heero put the ship in full drive and headed straight for the blip on the scanner. When they finally reached the Location of the Blip all it turned out to be was a large piece of Gundanium that they had noticed missing a few days ago. Heero>>Hmm… Heero got up and walked calmly but quickly to the hanger on the ship. When he got there he headed straight towards Sandrock and got in. Duo>>Quatre why does Heero always go into your Gundam? Quatre>>Because I left the ZERO system in and Heero figures that Sandrock and Zero are linked through the ZERO system. Trowa>>What? How is that possible? Quatre>>Heero thinks that because Sandrock's ZERO system is originally part of Zero's system he thinks that Sandrock can locate Zero through the shared ZERO system. Kind of like a telepathic link. Duo>> Uh ok I guess I kind of get it then.
Just as Duo finished what he was saying Heero jumped out of Sandrock and began to walk towards them. Just as he approached he said>>Quatre's right that's exactly how I plan to find Zero any way I found him and he is on his way to NSC-6369 we must catch him soon or we may loose more that just a colony… Duo>>And we still have no idea why Zero is doing this. Heero looking at Quatre>> I may know what is causing Zero to do this. Quatre, when you first piloted Zero what was you intention to do with him? Quatre>> I'm not sure if the ZERO system did this or if it was me, but I believe that I was trying to destroy everything in outer space… No, you don't mean the Zero is trying to carry out this idea? Heero>> That was my first thought but ether way we must find and stop Zero as soon as possible. For I fear that as long as Zero is allowed to roam about freely like this then outer space is in grave danger…

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Duo>>Blast not another colony!! Heero>> Calm down Duo the colony was empty when destroyed. Trowa>>But how? Heero>>Zero for some reason gave the colony citizens time to evacuate. NEXT-In Legend of the ZERO part 3.