Legend of the ZERO
Pt 1 ZERO Revived

The date is December 31st 12 midnight and the battle to end all battles has finally come to an end with Libra destroyed and the White Fang taken into custody Quatre finishes construction on the satellite. And plans to send the remaining Gundams directly into the sun but just when Heero is about to get his Gundam and give it to Quatre, but when he gets to the hanger where he and the other Gundam pilots kept their Gundams in there is a sudden power failure and the entire hanger goes dark. Duo>>Woah and I thought space was dark….
As they go to find what caused the power failure Zero activates and his eyes give off a faint glow. Quatre being the last one out thinks that he saw a glow in the hanger. When he turns around to see what it was Zero's eyes fade and disappear… Duo>>Quatre come on what's takin ya the guys are already 3 floors down!! Quatre>>Huh? (his mind on what he thought he saw)… Oh, ok coming! Quatre>>What did I see in there I guess it was nothing, but I swear I saw something. A few minutes later Quatre and Duo finally met up with the others Heero>>Quatre where were you we've fixed the breakers but we still don't know what caused the power failure. Quatre>>At the hanger I thought I saw…. Duo interrupting>>Yeah Yeah Quatre thinks he's been seeing things. Trowa>>What did ya see Quatre?? Quatre>> Nothing really They all look at each other then at Quatre. As they headed back towards the hanger Duo wondered what things would be like without Gundam. As did all the other's except Quatre who was still thinking about what he saw in the hanger. When they finally return to the hanger Duo who happened to be ahead was already in the when they noticed that he was looking a something… Heero>>What Duo? Duo>>Zero he's gone!….
Instantly every one stopped and stared at the gigantic whole in the wall where Wing Zero once stood Heero stood amazed and surprised What happened to Zero? Quatre had strangely kept the ZERO system Heero had Howard put in Sandrock. Quickly and without hesitation Heero jumped into the open Sandrock and activated the Zero system inside. Wing Zero being the suit he took the Sandrock's ZERO system from Heero figured that Zero and Sandrock were linked through the ZERO system and was trying to find Zero. About 4 hours later Heero finally found Zero but by now it was too late Zero had already eliminated it's first target fortunately no one was harmed due to the fact that what Zero destroyed was just finished and uninhabited. Strangely when Heero got out of Sandrock and deactivated the ZERO system he had a look of worry on his face Duo stared in astonishment. Duo>>Heero worried now that's weird! Wufei>>Nevermind that, what's important is what he's worried about.
They all followed Heero as he walked away from the hanger Quatre was the first to ask>>Heero what's the matter did you find out who stole Zero!? Heero as calmly as ever>> No one stole Zero. Quatre>>Huh? Duo spitting out his coffee>>What!!!!!! Trowa and Wufei simultaneously>>Then…who?
What has happened to Zero and what was it that he destroyed? Find out in Part 2 of Legend of the ZERO
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