Chief director: Hideaki Anno
Continuiting: Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi, Kiichi Hadame
Animation designs: Shunji Suzuki, Sadashi Hiramatsu, Hideaki Anno
Animation designs' assistance: Naoya Yoshikawa, Hikari Yoshinari
The artist of visual water: Masayuki


                          One more final "I need you."

                         Translated By KIYOSHI KAWAKAMI
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                                                          From Anno Hideaki.

The Heaven's door in Terminal Dogma.
            Gendou : I've been together with Adam already. There is only this way
                     so that I may meet Yui again, which is the fusion of Adam and
                     Lilith that was forbidden.

(Rei's left arm was wrenched off.)

            Gendou : There is no time any more. An A.T. field won't be able to
                     keep the shapes of yours. Well, let's begin, Rei. You're to
                     liberate the wall of the heart that is an A.T. field. Let's
                     complement of the missing heart, throw an unnecessary body
                     away and make our souls one now. Then, take me to the place
                     where Yui is here.

(Rei closes an eyes slowly. Gandou's right hand clutch Rei's breast, and creeps
 into her body. Gendou's right hand reached an abdomen under Rei's.)

               Rei : (In agony.)

(The ground of Geo-Front become waste as the hell.)

            Shinji : !! Asuka!!

(Shinji wasn't in time unfortunately. Eva-02 revealed the internal organs without
 mercy. The production types were eating Eva-02's body which is loose in the sky.)

            Shinji : (A scream.)

The Heaven's door in Terminal Dogma.
               Rei : Ikari-kun!?

(Rei listened to Shinji's scream.)

(The restraint ingredient which Eva-01 equips a shoulder with comes off. The light
 of the orange cross grows on the back of Eva-01, it floats in the air.)

 A member of JSSDF : Unknown objects approach here at high speed from the outside
                     of atmosphere!
         Commander : What's that!?

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
         Fuyutsuki : It's no good! Is that the Spear of Longinus!?

(A Spear of Longinus stops just before sticking in Eva-01's throat cause.)

The room of Seele.
              Keel : Our wish began at last.
             Seele : An original Spear of Longinus was returned to us too.
             Seele : It's unavoidable though that number is small.
       12 of Seele : Let's make Eva series become an original figure. Let's make
                     it become the figure of sincerity that brings the gospel to
                     humankind of us. Let's make the peoples become the figure
                     of sincerity by the grace that is equivalent to the death.
              Keel : There is even tranquility of the soul. Well, let's begin a

The sky of Tokyo-3.
(The production types throw Eva-02's remains which went in each mouth away.
 They stick a Spear of Longinus in Eva-01's palm. Then, they bite the wing of
 orange light which grew on the back of Eva-01. Eva-01 became crucifixion just
 like Lilith. Shinji stares at a scar like a bruise in his both hands.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
            Makoto : They take Eva-01 to the air.
           Shigeru : They're in a high occasion 12,000m, and further being raised.
         Fuyutsuki : Will Seele makes Eva-01 a means of living?

The sky of Tokyo-3.
(Eva-01 suspends the activities.)

The room of Seele.
             Seele : A holy scar was engraved on Eva-01.
       12 of Seele : Now, let's restore a Central-Tree.
             Seele : All of Eva series who were our menservants for...

(Only Keel is returned to the person's figure.)

              Keel : For this time!

The sky of Tokyo-3.
(The production types are posted around Eva-01, and arrive at the position
 regularly. A rainbow-colored circular field occurs from them.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
           Shigeru : Eva series opened the SS engine.
            Makoto : It turns over so that dimension measurement value may show
                     a minus! We can't be observe it. We can't make it numerical
         Fuyutsuki : Is it anti-A.T. field?

The sky of Tokyo-3.
(The figure of the Tree of Sephiroth is drawn in the sky.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
              Maya : All phenomena resemble a happening 15 years ago closely...
                     Well, is this also the sign of the 3rd impact??

JSSDF, frontline base in Tokyo-3.
(A member of JSSDF looks up at the Tree of Sephiroth that is floated in the sky.)

 A member of JSSDF : The SS engine met criticalness!
 A member of JSSDF : We stop operations. Each force is to withdraw promptly.
 A member of JSSDF : Gravitation between the molecule can't be maintained any further.
         Commander : Our operations ended in failure.

(Tremendous light swallows the surface of the earth of Geo-Front.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
(Each screen are controlled in the noise.)

           Shigeru : It was a direct hit! The the earth's surface of accumulation
                     layer fused!
            Makoto : The 2nd wave is digging the circumference of the headquarters!
                     The part of The part of the outside shell is disclosed!!
         Fuyutsuki : It's a physical shock wave yet. We'll be able to stand it
                     if we make an absorber the biggest.

(Tremendous light spreads out like an eye around the Geo-Front.)

The room of Seele.
             Seele : It shows the time of the eternity...
             Seele : By means of a purification ceremony of the red soil...
             Seele : Geo-Front for starters...
              Keel : Let's make that the figure of sincerity.

(The circumference of Tokyo-2 was dug on a large scale. Geo-Front becomes a
 black ball body, and that is raised.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
         Fuyutuski : Lilith's egg or the black moon which is enough for the
                     source of humankind's life. We don't hope that we're
                     returned into the shell after such a long time. However,
                     they're depend on Lilith...

The Heaven's door in Terminal Dogma.
            Gendou : It seems that a thing began. Well, Rei. Take me to the place
                     where Yui is here.

(Rei stares at Gendou.)

            Gendou : That can't be true!?
               Rei : I'm not your doll.

(Rei takes Gendou's right arm in her body. Gendou steps back from Rei with
 tottering step.)

            Gendou : Why!?

(Rei's left hand regenerates quickly.)

               Rei : I can't be yours.

(Rei flies to the air toward Lilith.)

            Gendou : Hey, Rei! Please wait!! Rei!
               Rei : No, Ikari-kun is calling me.
            Gendou : Rei!

(Rei stands before Lilith's breast.)

               Rei : I'm home.
           A telop : "Hello, dear."

(Lilith's breast upheaves to take Rei in the body. Rei is taken in Lilith.
 Lilith separates the both hands that it was crucified from the red cross,
 and it collapses simply to L.C.L. The body that it go fat become tense,
 and changes to the flexible woman's body. The mask of Seele which covered
 Lilith's face comes off a white thread. Lilith's face becomes that of Rei's
 which an eye is not in.)

            Gendou : Rei!

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
           Shigeru : The unknown high energy thing approached it rapidly from
                     Terminal Dogma!
            Makoto : It confirmed that an A.T. field. Accrding to Magi, it was
                     "pattern blue"
              Maya : What a angels!?
           Shigeru : No, it's wrong!
            Makoto : It's a person, or a human!

(Giant Lilith passes through the 2nd announcement place. Also, Lilith's left hand
 so in Maya and body as well.)

              Maya : !!!!!! ( shriek.)

The sky of Tokyo-3.
            Shinji : Damn it, hang it, blast it!!

(Giant Lilith's body becomes more huge so that it may reach the sky where
 Eva-01 is here. There is no eyes in Lilith's face, instead a dark hollow.
 Lilith holds out both hands to wrap Eva-01. Shinji is cramped in the imminent
 sight by fear.)

            Shinji : Ayanami!? Rei!?
            Lilith : !!

(In the moment, the red eyes like that Rei has is born instead of a dark hollow.)

            Shinji : (A scream.)

The room of Seele.
       12 of Seele : Let's do the peoples' complement by the pilot of Evangelion
                     type-01 has missing self.
              Keel : Now, the 3 rewards for the times.

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
           Shigeru : The A.T. fields that appeared from Eva series are resonant!
            Makoto : They amplify further!
         Fuyutsuki : Did they begin assimilation with Rei?

The sky of Tokyo-3.
(Rei's face of the various size appears from the production types' mouth.)

              Rei : He he.
           Shinji : !!
              Rei : He he he...
           Shinji : !!!

(Shinji crazy keeps moving a lever in the cockpit.)

           Shinji : (A scream.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
          Shigeru : The signal of his mentality graph declines.
           Makoto : His distordo is physicalization!
        Fuyutsuki : Pilot's self won't be able to stand up to it any further...

The inside Eva-01.
           Shinji : I can't bear this any more, I can't bear this any more.
                    I can't bear this any more, I can't bear this any more...

(Naked giant Kaworu separates from Lilith's waist.)

           Kaworu : Had you already done enough?

(Kaworu holds out both hands to wrap Eva-01.)

           Shinji : Were you there, Kaworu-kun?

(Shinji's expression is becomes rapture sloppy.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
          Shigeru : His solenoid graph turned over. His self-boundary weakens.
           Makoto : The pattern of A.T. fields changes from blue to red!

The sky of Tokyo-3.
(The tip of Spear of Longinus touches a core in Eva-01's breast, and they unify
 it. Eva-01 becames a huge cross with red tree. An innumerable little eye is born
 from everywhere in Eva-01's body.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
         Fuyutsuki : The nut of the life which angels has, and the nut of the
                     wisdom which a person has. Eva-01 got both things, which
                     her existence became equal to God. Then, she's reduced to
                     the tree which is enough for the large river of the life.
                     When the 3rd impact happened, our future was entrusted to
                     Ikari's son whether it become the ark which saves a person
                     from nothing or it become the devil who ruined a person.
              Maya : Hey!? Is it right we have gone!?
           Shigeru : It cannot be understood!

The sky of Tokyo-3.
               Yui : Present Rei is your own heart. It's your wish that itself.
               Rei : What do you wish for?

(The surface of the water wavers that is actual film by the CG composition.)

A complement by Shinji.
(In the evening park, Lighting for the photography is shining. Back ground music
 is "Musunde hiraite" which a Japanese children's song. Little Shinji is playing
 in the sandbox in the center of the park. An image is very rough.)

            Shinji : It's so! It's the same as when I begin a cello. When I come
                     here, I thought that something would be here.
              Girl : Shinji-kun will do it too!
              Girl : Keep up a complete a castle!
     Little Shinji : Yeah!

(Little Shinji creates a castle of the sand with girls who are 2 bodies of dolls.)

              Girl : Oh, my mum!
              Girl : I'll have to come back to my house.
              Girl : Good bye!!
              Girl : Maaaaauuuuuhhhhhmmmmmm!

(A deep groove between tha next stage where 2 girls' mother is sitting on the
 simple chair and the stage where Shinji is here. It gets dark, which song of the
 crow can be heard. Give up though Little Shinji tries to go to the next stage.
 Little Shinji begins to create a castle in the sandbox again. The tempo of BGM
 becomes fast like a crazy. Little Shinji completes the pyramid just like a
 headquarters of Nerv, and staring at it, and kicks it. Little Shinji demolishes
 the castle of sand. Although, little Shinji creates a castle alone again.)

(In the some place, Shinji holds an Asuka each other by nakedness.)

             Asuka : Oh, no!! I'm irritated that I'm viewing you!!
            Shinji : So I seem to be you?
      Little Asuka : Mu... mum...
             Asuka : Mu... mum...
            Shinji : Mum...
            Misato : I couldn't become Shinji-kun's mother after all...

(Shinji is staring at the pendant of the cross given to it by Misato.)

(In the apartment where Misato and Kaji were university students lived in.)

      Young Misato : Let me see... Let's do it...
        Young Kaji : Is it again? Do you meet your friend today at school?
      Young Misato : Ah, that's Ritsuko. It doesn't care because I still have
        Young Kaji : One week had already passed after sloppy life was begun
      Young Misato : I've been able to take a knack gradually. Because let's
                     do it...

(Misato's gasping voice. Shinji is looking at their sexual intercourse.)

            Misato : Maybe, I do this thing so that I may confirm that I'm
             Asuka : It's an silly!! Lonely adults must comfort each other!
           Ritsuko : You can think that a stranger needs even your body, didn't
            Misato : I'm happy because I feels a stranger needs myself.
             Asuka : You can thought that I may have value easily in that case!
            Shinji : Is.. is Misato-san doing such a thing?
            Misato : It's so. This is I too. The hearts that each other melt
                     reflects m1e whom Shinji-kun doesn't know. Pain is too
                     entailed in the truth but you must stand it.
             Asuka : Do I do a thing like Misato if I grow up?

(In the condominium where Shinji lives with Misato and Asuka.)

             Asuka : Shall we kiss, Shinji?
            Misato : No, always!
            Asuaka : Or, is it scared?
            Misato : Children don't usually do it.
             Asuka : Well, let's do it.

(Asuka kicks Shinji.)

             Asuka : You aren't to come by me though you don't know my thing!
            Shinji : I'll know you.
             Asuka : You don't know it! Do you have a nonsence!? Will you know
                     my thing? Can you think that you save me? You must get
                     stuck-up about arrogance. You must not know me!
            Shinji : I cannot know your thing. Because Asuka says nothing to me.
                     It's impossible to say that you wants me to knows your
                     thing. You tell nothing to me though!!

(The inside old-train.)

               Rei : Did Ikari-kun try to know it?
            Shinji : I willed to know it.
             Asuka : What a you're a fool! I knew that you were making me to an
                     imaginary bedmate... Show me the masturbation as usual...
                     Hey, I'm watching it.

(Asuka coerces Shinji.)

             Asuka : If you don't become mine, I don't want what either.
            Shinji : Therefore, will you be kind to me?
             Asuka : I'll be kind to you.
               Rei : I'll be kind to you.
            Misato : I'll be kind to you.

(Asuka and Misato and Rei rise one after another by nakedness.)

            Shinji : It's a lie!! They must be deceived by the face laughed at
                     me! They must want to make it vague!!
               Rei : So truth hurts anyone. It's very very severe.
            Shinji : A vague thing only corners me...
               Rei : It's an evasive answer.
            Shinji : I'm scared at it just like this. Anyone mayn't needs me
                     someday! I get flustered, I'm not calm, tell me a voice!
                     Keep me mate! Anyone cares about me!!

(Shinji turns around slowly. However, Asuka and Rei and Misato doesn't do an
 answer to Shinji.)

(In the condominium where Shinji lives with Misato and Asuka. Asuka puts a face
 to sleep on the table in the kitchen.)

            Shinji : I want to be useful for you. I want to be here much together
                     with you.
             Asuka : Therefore, you're to do nothing. You must not to come by me
                     any more. Because you only hurt me...
            Shinji : Hey, Asuka, help me. Hey, one must be Asuka so that I may be
                     saved, will you?

(Asuka stares at Shinji.)

             Asuka : You've a lie.
            Shinji : !!

(Asuka stands up and approaches Shinji.)

             Asuka : You don't care even whoever a companion is. Because you're
                     scared at both Misato and first children, and both your
                     father and your mother!! You're simply run away to me!
            Shinji : Help me.
             Asuka : Because, it's a easiest, so you aren't damaged.
            Shinji : Please, help.. me...
             Asuka : You've never come to love a stranger really!!!
            Shinji : !

(Shinji is pushed away by Asuka, and he collapses on the floor with the coffee

             Asuka : Only you're here! You've never felt to love a even yourself

(Hot coffee spills to the shirt that Shinji wears. Asuka despises Shinji.)

             Asuka : You're pitiful...

(Shinji stands up slowly.)

            Shinji : Help, hey, help me. Let you help me, anyone helps me. Help,

(Shinji overturns a table.)

            Shinji : Help me!!!!!

(Shinji swings a chair.)

            Shinji : Don't leave me alone!! Don't desert me!! Don't kill me!!

(The chair which Shinji threw rolls in Asuka's foot. Shinji is out of breath.)

             Asuka : ..................................................No.

(Asuka spit out at Shinji.)

            Shinji : !

(After time passed for a while, Shinji begins to wring Asuka's neck with becoming
 a look of a murderer. Back ground music become "Komm, susser Tod 'The
 honeyed death is to come.'" from this time.)

 The scene of Shinji is wringing Asuka's neck.
 The scene of Akagi Naoko is wringing the neck of 1st clone of Rei.
 The picture of a little child draws in the crayon:
    + The red face which peeled a tusk.
    + The boy who put on the blue clothes is in the prison.
    + The girl who put on the red clothes watching a red object.
    + The girl who put on the red clothes has a spear-shaped object,
      and the boy who put on the blue clothes.
    + 2 dead fish are swimming in the bucket that the sun is reflected.
    + The internal organs and a bone of the dog expose.
    + The dead fish that its body became a bone is into the bottle.
    + The object blowing blood from the body.
    + A red signal.
    + The cat doing a nap.
 The scene of it took pictures of cell used in the TV series and this movie
 from the reverse side.

            Shinji : No one knew my thing.
               Rei : No one knows your thing.
            Shinji : I thought that there was the world which never wavered
                     and not to be unpleasant in.
               Rei : You solely believed that a stranger and yourself are the
            Shinji : You betrayed me! You betrayed my hoping!!
               Rei : It's your misunderstanding from the beginning. You only
                     freely believed that too much though.
            Shinji : Anyone doesn't surely need me. Therefore, anyone is to dies.
               Rei : Well, what's there a your hand for?
            Shinji : Anyone is the same even though I'm here or not. Nothing
                     changes. Therefore, anyone is to dies.
               Rei : Well, what's there a your heart for?
            Shinji : I'd better not rather be here. Therefore, I'm to die too.
               Rei : Well, why are you here?
            Shinji : May I be here...?
           A terop : ......................................."Without an answer."
            Shinji : (A scream.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
            Makoto : A pilot's response approaches 0 endlessly!
           Shigeru : Eva series and Geo-Front passed through the E-layer,
                     they're further raised.
      Announcement : They're in a high occasion 220,000km at present, and rushed
                     into the F-layer.
            Makoto : All Eva are going strong!
           Shigeru : The anti-A.T. field that occurred from Lilith expands further
                     and materialize!

(Geo-Front is raised to the atmosphere.)

The cosmos.
(Lilith covers Geo-Front with both hands so scoop it up. Lilith's expression is
 very sad which she was thrown away by a man.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
            Makoto : The anti-A.T.field exceeded a critical point!
           Shigeru : It's no good! The shapes of the individual life can't be
                     maintained in this!!

The cosmos.
(Lilith spreads a huge 12 sheets of wings. The sun and the moon and the earth
 rival in a straight line.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
         Fuyutsuki : The room of Gaff opens. Did the door of the beginning and
                     the end of the world open at last?

Nerv, the inside headquarters.
               Rei : The world is full of sorrow. Emptiness envelops the people.
                     They fill up a lonely person's heart though.

(Ner staff and members of JSSDF had blood and a dead body changes in L.C.L.
 Innumerable Rei who put on her student uniform is standing by them.)

Nerv, 2nd announcement place.
               Rei : He he he he he he...
            Makoto : (A shriek.)

(Rei who put on her student uniform appears besides Makoto's desk on all fours.)

            Makoto : !!

(Rei changes in Misato to do a kiss in Makoto. In the moment, he becomes L.C.L.
 to breaks into pieces.)

               Rei : He he he he he he...
           Shigeru : (A shriek.)

(Shigeru was touched by innumerable naked Rei. In the moment, he becomes L.C.L.
 to breaks into pieces.)

         Fuyutuski : Hey, Ikari. Could you meet Yui-kun too?

(Rei who has gotten off the sky changes completely into Yui halfway. In the
 moment, he becomes L.C.L. to breaks into pieces.)

              Maya : That A.T. field... Their A.T. fields disappears. Is this the
                     answer that I was finding?
           Ritsuko : Ma, ya...

(Ritsuko hugs Maya from the back of Maya. Ritsuko types "I need you." in Maya's
 notebook PC.)

              Maya : Sen-pai! Sen-pai! Sen-pai! Sen-pai! Sen-pai!

(Maya's expression seems to be happy over rapture. She becomes L.C.L. to breaks
 into pieces.)

The room of Seele.
(Seele's monoliths disappears one after another.)

              Keel : There're the beginning and the end in the same place.
                     It's a all right. This is all right as for all the things.

(A little red ball is blown off from Keel's body with becoming L.C.L. Keel's lower
 half of the body was composed of the machine.)

The Heaven's door in Terminal Dogma.
(Gendou is sleeping on his back.)

            Gendou : I kept waiting for that this time came earnestly.
                     I could finally meet you, Yui.

(Yui is standing by Gendou.)

            Gendou : I could do that I only hurt Shinji when I'm by him.
                     Therefore, I'd better to do nothing for.
               Yui : You scared at Shinji, haven't you?
            Gendou : I'm not believed to be loved by a person.
                     I don't have such a qualification.

(Kaworu who put on his student uniform is standing by Gendou.)

            Kaworu : You're just running away. You reject the world before you're
               Yui : You're scared at the shapes which can't be seen in the eyes
                     between a person...

(Rei who put on her student uniform is standing by Gendou.)

               Rei : You'd to close a heart because you were scared at them.

(Gendou is being seized in Eva-01's left hand.)

            Gendou : My condition is the reward. I'm sorry, Shinji.

(Gendou's upper half of the body eaten by Eva-01.)

(The bandages of Rei picks up the Gendou's glasses which fell on the floor.
 Little Rei and the bandages of Rei and naked Rei are standing.)

The cosmos.
(The production types stab a Spear of Longinus in their breast of the core
 personally. Their Rei's face are in agony in the rapture. The green cross of
 the huge light grows from everywhere in the earth. A red optical ball romps
 and inhaled to the black crack that is in Lilith's palm. Lilith's forehead
 splits, and a crack like the woman's sex organs occurs there. Eva-01 who became
 the tree of the life is inhaled to the crack. Innumerable naked Rei is swimming
 in the inside Lilith.)

A complement by Shinji.
 The scene of meaning isn't clear after this lasts.

   A woman's voice : Take care, I cannot come to like you.
   A woman's voice : Don't call any more.
   A woman's voice : It's a nosy, I won't get back on good terms with you at all.
   A woman's voice : Sorry, I cannot be able to be done again now.
   A woman's voice : What a stupid, this man really does it!
   A woman's voice : Did you possibly have the mind? Think about your limitations.
   A woman's voice : I can't still think of you beyond the friend.
   A woman's voice : You mustn't be born!!
   A woman's voice : Bye-bye, don't you die quickly?
   A woman's voice : If only you're not here...
   A woman's voice : Who is this child? I don't know this.
   A woman's voice : Even you're here or not are the same.
   A woman's voice : I says clearly, you're troublesome. It's unnecessary care.
   A woman's voice : Don't follow me any further. It's no good now, we shall part.
   A woman's voice : In me, you're the most distasteful type rather than it's poor.
   A woman's voice : Don't be mistaken, didn't you? No one associates with you.
   A woman's voice : Go there. You don't have relations in my life.
   A woman's voice : I must hate you, I don't need you.
   A woman's voice : You're a coward!

 The cut of the naked actress' gravure for adults.

            Misato : You may stop it if it's severe as much as that.
               Rei : You may run away from there if that's unpleasant as much as
            Misato : Do you want to be easy?
               Rei : Do you want to get tranquility?
            Misato : Do you want to be one with me?
               Rei : Do you want to pile you up with my heart and body?
             Asuka : But, even if I die, I refuse only you absolutely!

 An actual film of a person's eye.

(Back ground music become "Jesus bleibet meine Freude" from this time.)

 An actual film of the electric pole.
 An actual film of the train.
 An actual film of the cat.
 An actual film of the swing.
 An actual film of the special composition of Tokyo-3.
 An actual film of the shopping street...

            Shinji : Tell you what...
            Misato : Ah ha?
            Shinji : What's a dream?
             Asuka : Dream?
               Rei : So, dream.

 An actual film of 3 girls who have a costume playing to Rei and Asuka and
    Misato are standing in the crowd in the shopping street.
 An actual film of no one is in the theater.
 An actual film of the theater was filled to capacity.

           A terop : "Are you a pleasure?"
            Shinji : I don't know it. I don't know reality well.
               Rei : You can't grasp a groove between the stranger's reality
                     and your truth precisely.
            Shinji : I don't know where my happiness is.
               Rei : You can find your happiness only in your dream.
            Shinji : Therefore, this is not reality. No one is in this world.
               Rei : So, it's dream.
            Shinji : Therefore, I'm not here.
               Rei : You took revenge to the reality by the convenient fabrication
                     for you.
            Shinji : Must not I do it?
               Rei : You run away to the fiction, and you're lying about your truth.
            Shinji : Must not I dream a dream for me?
               Rei : It's not a dream. You only make up for your actual hole.

 An actual film of the theater was filled to capacity.
 An actual film of no one is in the theater.

(Transrator's note, the scene of the theater is in the preview of this movie.)

            Shinji : Where is my dream?
               Rei : There is to follow reality.
            Shinji : Where is my reality?
               Rei : There is to do dream finished.

The cosmos.
(Red blood flows lively from Lilith's neck.)

The sea of L.C.L.
(Shinji is sleeping on his back, Rei is straddles on Shinji by nakedness. Their
 sex organs are combined. Rei is taking a hand into Shinji's breast. It's that
 a heart and a body are one.)

            Shinji : Hmmm... Ayanami.....? Where is this?
               Rei : This is the sea of L.C.L. This is in the sea of the source
                     of the life. The world which we who lost an A.T. field so
                     that lost one's shape are in. The vague world which one
                     doesn't know one's and stranger's boundary. The frail world
                     which one is anywhere, and one is not where
            Shinji : Did I die?
               Rei : No, anybody becames only one. This is the world which you
                     hoped by all means for.
            Shinji : But...this is wrong. I thought this is wrong.
               Rei : If you hope for the stranger's existence, the wall of the
                     heart will be draw all people apart once more, which your
                     stranger's fear begins again.
            Shinji : It's still okay with me...

(Shinji pulls out Rei's right hand from his heart, and shake hands.)

            Shinji : Thank you.

The sea of pale-blue liquid.
(Shinji went to sleep with a head on Rei's lap by nakedness.)

            Shinji : I felt that there was only unpleasant. Therefore, I was
                     allowed to run away from there certainly. However, there
                     was not pleasant in the place where I ran away. Because
                     I'm not there, it's the same as no one is here.
            Kaworu : Don't you care even though an A.T. field hurts you and
                     your stranger again.

(Kaworu who put on his student uniform appears.)

            Shinji : Yes. However, what are you who are in my heart?

(They who put on their student uniform are standing on the field.)

               Rei : We are "hope", which they may understand each other.

(The people who dissolved in L.C.L. appear on the field one after another.)

            Kaworu : With the word of "like"

(A field changes to the asphaltic road.)

            Shinji : But, it's the thing that make-believes. It's that I believed
                     freely. It's the thing like a grace. They cannot last all
                     the time. They'll betray me someday. They'll desert me...

 The cut of the souvenir photograph which Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Misato, Ritsuko,
    Kaji, Makoto, Shigeru, Maya, Touji, Kensuke, Hikari, Penpen are taken.

            Shinji : I thought that I wanted to meet them again. Because I think
                     that my feeling is true...

The cosmos.
(Lilith dies. Eva-01 breaks Lilith's eye from the inside her to comes out,
 and spreads 12 sheets of wings that they shines in the orange color. Lilith's
 neck is torn off from the body and the blood vigorously flows from the scruff
 of the neck. Red latitude and longitude engrave on the Geo-Front of the black

            Kaworu : There is reality in the place where you don't know. There
                     is a dream in the reality.
               Rei : Then, there is truth in the heart.
            Kaworu : So, a person's heart is creating person's shape.
               Rei : And, the new image will changes the shapes of the heart and
                     person. The images creates the power to create, person's
                     future, and the flow of the times.

(Lilith's neck and right arm fall into the earth.)

            Kaworu : But, you must move by your will so that you may change.
               Rei : Therefore, take it back with your power if losing sight of
                     yourself. Even if you lose your word, or you're taken in the
                     stranger's word...

(Eva-01 extract a Spear of Longinus from the mouth. The copies of Spear of Longinus
 that stuck in the production types' core disappears. The production types become
 stones, and suspend activities, and falls into the earth.)

               Rei : Anyone can come back to person's shape if one imaged by the
                     personal heart.
               Yui : There is no anxiety. All life has the power that tries to be
                     restored, and the heart that tries to be lives. Anywhere
                     becomes heaven whether one thinks that tries to be live,
                     because one is living. The chance which can become happy is

(Eva-01 folds the 12 sheetes of wings, and suspends activities.)

               Yui : It's all right so far as there're a sun and moon and earth.

The sea of L.C.L.
(Yui who put on her white coat stands opposite to Shinji who put on his student
 uniform, and floats in the sea of L.C.L. The background of Shinji is the earth.)

               Yui : Have you already been right?

(Yui touches the Shinji's cheeks.)

            Shinji : I don't know where my happiness is yet. However, I'm here,
                     I'll keep thinking about the meaning that I'm born here from
                     this as well. But, I must notice that they' re natural things
                     many times. To I'm here by myself...

(Shinji appears on the surface of red sea which Lilith's face fractures into 2 is
 appearing on. Yui goes down into the sea.)

            Shinji : However, what did mum to do?

In 2003 A.D, Ashi-no Lake.
         Fuyutsuki : Is your sincerity of purpose to person is creationan Eva
                     in imitation of God?
               Yui : Yes. A person can live in only this star. But, Eva can live
                     infinity everywhere together with the person's hearts that
                     resides in it. When 50 hundred million years have passed,
                     though it can be left even if the earth and the moon and even
                     the sun are vanished. I wish that I live even only one person
                     though it's very lonely...
         Fuyutsuki : Do you want to say that the evidence that a person lived is
                     left eternally?

The cosmos.
(Eva-01 and Spear of Longinus go away to universal far.)

            Shinji : Good-bye, my mum.


                  I need you.

The earth.
(Lilith's blood floats in a black-and-blue sky. The sea dyes red. The pendant
 of the cross given to Shinji by Misato was driven into the headstone. The
 production types who became a stone turned to stick in the beach. Shinji who
 put on his student uniform and Asuka who put on her plug-suit are sleeping on
 one's back in the seashore. Asuka is dressing her right arm, and wearing an
 eye-patch in the left eye. Shinji sees the seaside with sleeping. Rei who put
 on her student uniform is standing there, it disappears soon. Shinji straddles
 Asuka, and getting wrings Asuka's neck. Shinji puts the power to wrings. Asuka
 doesn't take act with her right eye opened. Asuka touches Shinji's cheeks with
 turn the right eye away from Shinji. Shinji stops little by little wringing
 Asuka's neck.)

            Shinji : (Groaning.)

(Shinji cries with sobs. The tears that Shinji shed fall in drops into Asuka's

            Shinji : (Groaning.)

(Asuka stares at Shinji without an expression.)

             Asuka : I feel sick...