The Weapons List
Hear I have a complete list of the Evangelion's weapons.

Guns and more
Lance of Longinus
A giant spiral-shaped spear.
It can penetrate A.T.Field.
The spear splits into two branches at the one end.
the two branches will recombine as one when the spear is thrown against an object.
Progressive Knife
This is a vibrating blade made up of a special alloy.
This special alloy makes the blade very sharp.
This is the most common weapon used by the Evangelion.
The Progressive Knife is located in the shafts above the arms.
And new blade will come out from the Back
Shuttle Shieldck by pushing a button.
Used by Evangelion Unit 00.
The Shuttle Shield has a layer or protective shielding which helps it withstand 17 seconds of Pulsation Rifle discharge.
The Shuttle Shield name was used since the shield was really the underside of a pre-Second Impact shuttle craft used for space.
Spear travel.
Used mainly by Unit 02.
This weapon was used during the Angel that could split up.
The spear is a capable weapon that could be used against the Angel.
However with the development of the ax, the spears wes used less
The Pistol was never seen again.
This pistol was used against the Angel with the inverted AT Field.
However with the limited firepower of the gun,the plot will not able to destroy the angel.
The pistol proved to be very useless.
Used by Evangelion Unit 02.
The ax looks like your ordinary ax.
However it can chop through virtually anything.
Palette Rifles
Used mainly by Evangelion Unit 01.
They are the normal rifles used in battle.
The rifle was the weapon of choice for all Evangelions.
However, they proved pretty useless in destroying the Angels.