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In the year 2000, half the world's population perished in what became known as the Second Impact. Officially, this was caused by the collision of a meteor at the Antarctic. However, a select few knew the truth, that the Second Impact was caused by man's first contact with the entities known as "Angels."
The year is now 2015, and a child born after the disaster, Shinji Ikari, has been summoned by his estranged father to Tokyo-3. There he encounters the return of the Angels, and is told of his role in helping the secret organization Nerv save the human race. He must pilot the mighty Evangelion robot into battle to defend the earth.
Now this young boy, who cares for little, including himself, must find the courage to face what could be the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. Will he be up to the challenge? What is behind the Angel attack. And even if he manages to defeat the Angels, is that where it will all end?


September - 11 - 2002
It's been one year sence the deadly attacks on America
I wish the best for all and that we as Americas can go through and live and that we can rebuild and make our country evon better!
August - 25 - 2002;
Well, I changed the name of the "Interactive" page to the "GuestBook/Polls" page I hope this is better to understand? and I fnxked a few links. Yay! School start this week, I don't want to go back, well good luck to everyone at school. and please vote for my site a ANIME100.COM!
August - 21 - 2002;
YES! I have all Images linked but the fan fics the Iamge pages 1,2,3 and 4 also the Shinji pics. If you see any bad links or problems please Tell me thanks. and please Sing my GUEST BOOK It is on the Interactive page. and see al the great polls as well.
August - 19 - 2002;
Alright then...I now have the first Image page linked and I am up loading the Images for the the second page, if you would lake to add fan stuff E-mail me.
August - 15 - 2002;
Ok I have more Images page 1 should have page 1 fnished with in the next week! See anything wrong would you like to help? Send me an E-mail. Thanks.
August - 13 - 2002;
Well I amworking on the Images and I will have the first page fnished soon, and I have some new polls up go and take a look at all the things I have on mr Interactive page!
August - 8 - 2002;
Yes! I can now have images back on my site, so keep checking back to see all the MANY Images I am working hardto get up. Thanks
August - 4 - 2002;
I  am back from my trip it was a blast I went to Wold Youth Day in Tronto Cananda I saw the Pope and I went all over Cananda. now on to this.....S.P.S.W who I used as my image hose took off there site so now I must fine a new Image Image hose.Know any? PLEASE send it to me. Besides that I have a new Shinji Pic up.
July - 9 - 2002;
Soon I will be going on a trip, and I am almost fnished with my Image gallories
I have all 4 pages up and 3 of the 4 have images, if you seen a bad link or there is a problem or would like to add some fan art, a link or fan fics of anything else please feel free to send me an E-mail.
July - 6 -2002;
Well I now have the 3rd page of Images up! and I am working un the Thump nails for the 4th page, I am useing S.P.S.W (SomePlaceSomeWhere) and they are great, if you would like to add Fan art, fan fics or a link then send me an E-mail.
July - 5 - 2002;
I do hope you all have a Great 4th oj July, I wish the best for all the people who had hardships on that day. On a lighter note I have got all 4 Images pages up, Pages 1 and 2 have everything page 3 have the thumb nails and page 4...... has nothing.
July - 4 - 2002;
I Hope everyone has a Great 4th of July.
Happy 4th of July!
July - 3 - 2002;
I now have the image 1 - 2 pages up, and soon I will have have the 3rd and 4th pages up soon, the Fan Art is up and Shinji Pic.
June - 17 -2002;
I have a bunck of things on my Ineractive Page: Polls, Guest Book, and much more, also see the great, Fan Art, and Fan Fics. Have anything to add? Send me an E-mail
June - 16 - 2002;
Well I have lots of things up the Fandom and Scrips are all the way up, and gon't forget to look at everything, to add a link send my an E-Mial.
March - 15 -2002;
I have added new links, want yous on, then send me an E-mail, I had also wnet and finded some thing. If you have send me some thing and I have not put it up please TEll ME, I am sorry if I forget it.
April - 23 - 2002;
New! Links and Fan stuff had been added. To get your link or fan stuff up, please E-mail me
April - 7- 2002;
I did a lot of work on all the pages, I don't thin anyone will notice. But any way I added more links, and if you would to add your or become an Affiliate, please send me an E-mail. Also please visit my CowBoy BeBop sites and my NEW Rurouni Kenshin THANKS!.
Well........I have been really busy, and I have not been doing much to my EVA site, But I have adding more Voteing links, please vote, and a new Shinji Pic, Also Send in your Fan Art and Fan Fiction
February - 26 -2002;
I had added a new Shinji's Pic of the month also some cool new links, PLEASE vote for me. & I also added some great FanArt and FanFics has also been added.
February -26- 2002;
Join my Affiliates page, all you need to do is go here also send in you fan art od fan fics so I can put them up ank kind will do1
February- 23-2002;
I had added an Affiliates page, a place for people who more or less, Add my link to there site. See the page for all the info.

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